The five factors of good health

The philosophy of our office is treating and educating our patients in their “Five Factors of Good Health”:

Healthy Spine/Healthy Nervous System

The Nervous System is responsible for ALL functions in the human body including healing. The Nervous System controls every organ, cell and tissue in your body and allows each to function.

Everyone recognizes the importance of the brain, yet while the brain is protected by the skull, the nervous system that travels from the brain to the outer reaches of your body is much more vulnerable. The spinal cord is covered by 24 moving vertebrae. When these bones lose their normal motion or position, they can irritate and disrupt the healthy function of the nerves that radiate into every part of your body, undermining the function of the tissues and organs that the nerves control.

Improper spinal positioning is extremely common and occurs due to repetitive emotional, chemical, and physical stresses applied to our body. These common spinal misalignments lead to nervous system interference and cause malfunction in the body.
Dr. Zac and Dr. Morgan are trained to locate these areas of spinal joint dysfunction, correct them, and return them to normal function. When spinal function is improved, the nervous system is restored to healthy function.

Diet and Nutrition

You are what you eat! What you put in your body provides the fuel and energy that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your body is in a constant state of repair and rebuilding. It uses the nutrition you supply it as the fuel and building blocks it needs to heal and repair itself on a daily basis. Nutritional deficiencies have negative effects on your body (fatigue, pain, digestive issues, stress, brain fog, etc) which interfere with your body’s ability to heal and repair properly.


We are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins in our everyday life. These toxins are in items such as our food, medications and consumer products. Toxic overloads are stored in the body and lead to tissue/organ malfunction and disease. Decreasing or eliminating the amount of toxins you subject yourself to, will allow your body to function at optimum levels.

Proper Exercise

Physical activity is the key to maintaining healthy joint function, cardiovascular health, bone strength, mental clarity, decreasing muscle fatigue, etc. Exercise increases levels of oxygen in your tissues that is needed to maintain a healthy body and healthy life.

Positive Mental Attitude

The power of your mind is limitless. By maintaining a positive outlook on life you will be able to deal with stress more easily, sleep more regularly, and have the mental clarity to get through each day. It is known that during sleep and relaxation our body repairs itself best. By decreasing the stress in your life, your body will be able to get the amount of rest it needs to ensure proper healing and repair.